Certified Essentrics Instructor

I am grateful to have discovered the benefits of Essentrics® at the age of 52.  I was active and healthy but was suffering from chronic neck and should pain. A career in finance and sitting at a desk all day did not help. Within two weeks of doing Essentrics® workouts my neck and shoulder pain was melting away. I share more details of my personal experience in a video below.

My journey to become a certified instructor started in May 2019 after attending an Essentrics® workshop at the Omega Institute in New York hosted by the creator of Essentrics, Miranda Esmond- White. I earned Level 1 certification October 2020. I am currently an apprentice Level 2 instructor.  My goal is to help participants reach their fitness goals, whether it be to improve posture, strengthen and tone, gain more mobility and flexibility, and weight loss.

Apprentice Level 2 Essentrics® Instructor

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