Gail’s Leg Focused Program

Starting Monday, February 15th – Join Gail Garceau for a  5-day Leg Focused Program to boost your metabolism, elongate your muscles, and put a bounce in your step! Open to streaming members – 2 Live Classes with Gail Garceau + Curated Workout Plan (view full collection) SCHEDULE MONDAY, FEBRUARY 15th(Live class & workshop open to all – no subscription required):11:45-11:55am EST Live Alignment Workshop with Gail Garceau12:00-12:30pm EST Live Class with […]

Conditioning for Golfers

3 FLEXIBILITY EXERCISES TO IMPROVE YOUR GOLF SWING Having good posture and flexible joints are extremely important for your golf game. You need to be able to rotate your spine and hips so you can develop that recoil movement or torque - the rotational force necessary to wind up your body to its full potential and maximize your backswing and downswing. In order to improve spinal rotation, every […]