When I first started teaching Essentrics I used my backyard as the venue for classes. During the leg portion of the workout my rock star client Mary G. would reach for the branch of a nearby tree to help her balance. The following week, Mary reached for the branch just as the music started for the leg work sequence, but she could only grab air as the branch was no longer within reach. My husband Dan had trimmed the branches the night before. Mary was disappointed to lose her crutch but we laughed and it was a good opening to chat about balance.

Balance helps us as we move from different positions or as we walk different surfaces (steps, rocks, gravel or snow).  It helps us get out of the shower or catch ourselves when we start to trip or fall. Having good balance allows you to move freely without having to worry about falling or tripping. As we age, balance helps us stay independent, carry on with our daily tasks and prevent injury. Leg exercises during an Essentrics workout can help build the strength and muscle memory to coordinate balance. Sometimes we can feel a little wobbly when we are balancing on one foot during the workout but this actually triggers our reflexes and engages muscles and the brain. As you build strength in your standing leg and core you should notice your balance improve. Essentrics is a full-body workout and offers many physical benefits such as balance and stability.